The Norton Group, Inc.

Thanks viewing this and welcome to my web site, and why you should choose me to represent you as your agent weather your buying or selling here in the Boston area.   
A life long resident of Somerville, married to Patricia in 1967 and together we raised a small family, we owned our first home in 1972 a single family on Linden Avenue and our second home was in 1976 in the City Hall area, we both have worked for the city off and on over the years, but together we got our Brokers license in 1977.   
With a small group of individuals we opened our first company in 1983, lower Broadway with Ross Blouin, Don Snow, Ron Marble, Roy Scarpato, Jerair Gharibian and Stan Koty we ran a successful Real Estate company till 1990 when we all broke up and decide to go on our own way, still maintaining a friendship the entire time.   
In 1990 Patricia and I purchased the ERA franchise for the local area, that lasted about 20 years and then decided it was time to move on without the high cost of a franchise and to maintain business on our reputation which was and is one of the best in the area.   We pride ourselves on innovations and moving ahead of the business, being first in a web page using the internet to market homes, being one of the first to look at Buyer agency as a unique opportunity to represent our clients interest in buying as well as our clients the sellers in selling.   We are proud of our work, our long time in the business, lots of agents and brokers come and go, we are still here, one of the oldest companies to keep on moving ahead.